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to face federal terrorism charges. 49-year-old abu anas al liby was indicted for his connection to the 1998 u.s. embassy bombing in tanzania and kenya. in 2001 he and other suspects were indicted. in the court documents it alleges as early as 1993 abu anas al liby planned attacks with other al qaeda figures against the u.s. in response to american military action in somalia. there was a $5 mill reward for his capture. >> we are in downtown mann hatton in front of the federal courthouse where abu anas al liby was processed and was expected to be seen by a judge some time on tuesday. abu anas al liby is a suspect in the 1998 u.s. embassy bombing in kenya and tanzania, leaving 224 dead. the u.s. government says abu anas al liby was working with al qaeda and helped to coordinate the attacks. he was picked up in a raid in tripoli libya, outside of his home, and brought to a military vessel where he was entergated for about 10 days before being brought back here to new york where he'll face a federal judge again on tuesday. >> hours from now in geneva switzerland diplomats from the u.
captured in libya is now scheduled to appear inside a new york city courtroom later this hour. abu anas al-libby was recently indicted by a grand jury. jonathan this is certainly a moment for prosecutors. >> reporter: yeah, it really is, especially since it has been so long in the making. he has been on the run for ten years. within the next 30 minutes maybe he is expected to be hospital inside this courthouse to answer allegations of terror attacks. the military raid was care rid out in tripoli. after his capture the 49-year-old was interrogated for a week, and then turned over to the fbi to face federal terrorism charges in the united states. he is considered a computer expert who helped plan the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania. in 2001, a grand jury indicted al-liby, along with 21 other terror suspects, including osama bin laden. in 1993 it is aledged he planned u.s. embassy attacks. the transfer came sooner than expected to new york in part due to a serious health condition. al-liby allegedly suffers from a severe case of hepatitis c. a viral infection that attacks the
states as well. >> and off to a happy story. a british boy is finally off to home from abu dhabi. >> is name is joe thompson. he is 12 years old. he was in abu dhabi, stranded for 18 months, because he developed a debilitating fear of flying. thanks to hypnotherapy, he was able to get over it. but his parents have spent 40,000 pounds trying to cure him of this fear and also canceled plane tickets. after his journey, he said, i'm so glad to be home. i cannot believe how cold it is here. and the first thing he wants to do is go see his has not seen in almost two years. >> thanks very much. >> back in action in shanghai this week. he was hoping he could decide his poor run at the u.s. open where he lost in the fourth round. and secure his position in the season-ending world tour in london. >> it is part of my goal to end the season as definitely a driving shot force for paris. i'm also trying to qualify for the world tour as well as to win it. i can draw motivation from different angles and not just from going out and playing one good match. >> praise for rafael nadal who is back fr
suspects arrives in new york city. david martin on abu anas al-libi facing charges in the american embassy bombings. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. it is now 14 days and counting for the government shutdown. t-three days and counting to a possible government default. tonight there are signs of real progress toward ending this stalemate. senate leaders have been meeting on and off all day and appear to be near an agreement that could reopen the government and raise the government's borrowing limit the so-called debt ceiling, so that it can pay its bills. but they are not there quite yet and with the threat of default still hanging over america, we have a team of correspondents looking at where the talks stand how we got here, and what might happen if the government can't pay all its bills. first we'll go to nancy cordes at the capitol. nancy, what's new today? >> reporter: well, scott, senate leaders are putting the finishing touches tonight on a deal that would fund the government for the next three months and raise th
were murder in the benghazi a year ago. but it didn't happen. the raid in tripoli that captured abu al libi. and now he may have gone into hiding. outfront, nick robertson in tripoli live with the latest. nick, obviously, you are in the place to be. and obviously, it seems, you know, it could possibly have been a bit of incompetent here on the part of the planners, i mean, how did this go so wrong? >> reporter: it's hard to say how it went wrong. but we have to say it is incredible that a guy like al libi could be lifted from his home with his family and have nothing for several days given that they know his background. the fact that people remain quiet is surprising. abu qatallah, suspected of being behind the murder of u.s. ambassador chris stevens. we've talked to people close to him. and he has the feeling that no one will pick him up right now because of what has happened in tripoli. the lifting of al libi. he feels that he is pretty safe right now. i talked as well, earlier to the justice minister here. and he is very clear. he says the united states has no authority to come in f
and somalia. we know one of the fbi's most wanted terrorists abu anas al-liby bee /* -- we have the latest on this story this morning. >> good morning to you. they con nirm abu anas al-liby bee is on board a ship in the mediterranean sea. a seem of cia fbi and military specialists are interrogating him. he could be here at the end of this week in new york to face his miranda rights and be brought to trial. they explained how members of the u.s. delta force made the capture. they say he returned home from morning brars brothers taking him into custody. we have these photos obtained by fox news military analyst who is very familiar with the al-libi case how it all happened. over head coverage and ground surveillance of the streets where they ap pretended al-libi. >> with respect to al-libi, he is a key al qaeda figure. he's a legal and appropriate target for the u.s. military under the authorization of the use of military force passed in september of 2001. >> white house press secretary jay carney says al-libi has been indicted in new york conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens and conduct attacks
this tuesday. thanks for joining us. a terrorist is expected to be arraigned in court today. abu anas al-lial libi is now on american soil. they planned to interrogate him for weeks. his transfer was sped up he is ill with hepatitis c and needs medical treatment that was not available aboard the ship. the arrest came more than 10 years after he was indicted for the embassy bombings in africa. an explosion at the los angeles international airport. this time no one was evacuated. they found two additional bottles of dry ice at the terminal. they don't believe the incident is terror related. same thing happened on sunday night a plastic bottle containing dry ice exploded in a bathroom for employees only. that incident delayed several flights but no one was injured. >> the supreme court will take on a discrimination case in michigan. voters approved an amendment outlawing any consideration of race in college admissions. six years later a federal appeals court ruled that voters could not make that decision. now the u.s. supreme court is stepping in deciding if voters can ban affirmati
concerned that the arrest of abu anas al libi, his arrest over the weekend was going to trigger some instability. this may be it, john. >> indeed. i mean, seizing him some 150 armed men is instability to say the least. any sign, nic there is a direct connection to the seizing of the libya terror suspect? does the prime minister have a close relationship with the united states? would be he an obvious target for retaliation? >> reporter: the prime minister has said that libya has a good relationship with the united states. i was meeting with people in his office yesterday and the justice minister here who both said that libya signed a short range, long-range contracts with the united states to improve more enforcement here. these have been signed in the last few weeks. the prime minister has been saying despite the fact they are outraged what they call the abduction of abal libi, they say libya has good relations with the united states and the justice minister told me last night that perhaps he and and the prime minister had not been outraged enough with the situation of al libi. what
and this map has come their new york city. abu anas al-liby. that's the name he uses in the united states. he has faced a federal indictment here in new york city for more than a decade. the pentagon reports u.s. special operations forces captured him during a raid in libya, not saturday but a week ago saturday. officials say they expect al liby to stand trial over whether he helped plan the bombings of u.s. embassies in 1998, and there's a lot of evidences that suggests he did. the u.s. attorney's office in new york will not comment but does tell it there's no information at this time. we know the accusation is he helped scout out and take pictures of the bombing for osama bin laden for it happened. we have the details from capitol hill. >> reporter: what we can confirm right now is federal sources tell us that abu anas al-liby did leave the uss san antonio where he was held for the last 11 days since his capture on october 5 in he was on the ship being interrogated be a high level team, joint cia, fbi, and military interrogation team. they were going to keep him there as long as they needed
of abu omar, and 23 were convicted of kidnapping in italy for, in essence, the same type of operation we just conducted in libya, so, again, my concern is the president --prcedent that we set. if we can go in and snatch them up, why could other countries not do the same? >> it is the 12th anniversary of the afghanistan invasion. do we think we are starting to see a shift away from the middle east and towards africa and our counterterrorism efforts? what if you recall, al qaeda and osama bin laden had a base of operation in africa, and they were forced to afghanistan at a time when it was basically a lawless territory, and it seems now they have shifted more of their focus back to africa, so i think that will be an increasing area of interest for the u.s., organizations like al-shabaab and al qaeda, as they continue to put down roots. >> a huge problem. french forces were dealing with the u.s., and a law professor at howard university, thank you so much for coming in and weighing in. it is officially weak to of a government shutdown, and this is where things stand. over the weekend, the
martin on abu anas al-libi facing charges in the american embassy bombings. captioning sponsored c
. i would not somebody -- abu anas al-liby is accused of having links with al qaeda. with more asylum seekers arriving in italy, italy says it -- with more asylum seekers arriving in sicily, italy says it will increase patrols. there will be an unmanned drone. decision to -- the step up patrols comes after two tragedies. share thiscans year's nobel prize for economics, eugene fama, lars peter hansen, and robert shiller. the nobel committee says their research has influenced how financial markets work. cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. almost all cases caused by -- are caused by the human papilloma virus. in of the deaths are developing countries. laos is one of the first developing nations to benefit from a new vaccination program, as our medical correspondent, fergus walsh, reports. >> the vaccines they had as infants help these girls escape many childhood infections. now they will be protected against the cancer which kills women in the prime of life -- a disease transmitted by the sexually-transmitted human papilloma virus. is one of 40laos countr
.s. court in new york today. abu al libi who worked closely with osama bin laden arrived on u.s. soil saturday where he was formally arrested. he had been held a u.s. warship and interrogated since his capture in libya earlier this month. al libi is one of nearly three dozen men under indictment for the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. of those, nine are in custody right now. eight have been killed. three remain at large, and one died awaiting trial. today the 49-year-old will go before a federal judge ahead of his trial. >>> the nsa is reportedly poring through millions of contact lists from around the world. "the washington post" reporting it intercepted hundreds of thousands of e-mail address books every day from private accounts. in fact, during a single day last year, "the post" says the nsa collected 445,000 e-mail address books from yahoo! 105,000 from hot mail and 23,000 from unspecified providers. the paper reports the nsa analyzes the contacts to find possible links to terrorism and other criminal activities. the nsa says it's only seeking informati
room. denise. >> reporter: well, abu al-liby is in new york awaiting trial. he's been under federal indictment for more than a decade. he's expected to stand trial over his role in planning the bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa in 1998. a seal team captured him in a raid earlier this month. he was on the fbi's most wanted list for terrorism. his family says he was not in al-qaeda, however. >> thank you. he's been under interrogation sp ture. >>> another deadly accident bringing traffic to a halt on the beltway. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene and has the latest. captain jeff long. >> reporter: this is the inner loop at bel air road. it's finally moving. it's been shut down for hours. traffic was being forced onto 43. now everything seems to be reopen, the investigation complete. earlier today serious, serious fatal accident on the beltway. as you can see, vehicle under the front of that semi truck. a couple other cars also involved. so they had all of the lanes shut down. they were squeaking traffic by on the shoulder. then they eventually got rid of all that traffic an
. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: abu anas al libi is being held on the "usa antonio" which is in international waters on the mediterranean sea. he was captured. sources say al libi was part of osama bin laden's inner circle in the 1990s. interrogators from the military intelligence community and the justice department will be pressing him about al qaeda's terror network and any future attack plans. >> al libi has been indicted in the southern district of new york, in connection with his alleged role in al qaeda's conspiracy to kill u.s. nationals and to conduct attacks against u.s. interests worldwide. >> reporter: al libi is accused of helping plan the 1998 bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa. those attacks killed 224 people, including 12 americans. a second weekend raid in somalia targeted a kenya terror suspect named ikrimah. he's said to be pat of the terror group al shabaab. navy s.e.a.l.s approached the compound where ikrimah is said to be hiding. but a firefight broke out before they could get to it. rather than call in an air strike to kill ikrimah and the civi
supuestamente residÍa el acusado, nadie respoiÓ. >>> la udad de polÍ especiizada, en casos de abu contra el menor, ahora se encuentra trabajando en el caso piensan qu continÚa el mismo maltra, infantil e esta familia. >>> en new york, fernando camarena telemundo tÁnsuspendidos debido al re parcial del gobieo federal. y las deportaciones continÚan. y tiene a los defensores de los un y muy graninmigrantes furios indignados. los activist entran en acciÓn, con una cpaÑa de desobedienc civil. como nos dice carlos botifoll, quieren convertirse en la piedra dero d zapato del gobierno.
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. the mission netting abu anas al-libi - a militant linked to the 19- 98 u-s embassy bombings in tanzania and kenya. al-libi is currently facing questioning aboard the u-s-s san antonio and could eventually be brought to new york for trial - where he faces a federal indictment related to the embassy attacks. some republicans in congress -- finding fault with questioning him on a ship instead of at a long-term facility such as guantanamo bay. graham says: "to limit yourelfo days on a navy vesse in terms of interrogation and detention is a huge mistake. i just believe we're not going to be able to gather the intelligence under this system that's necessary to otect oucountry." spite his desire for un- affected ties with the u- libya's leader insists al-libi should face trial at home. zeidan says: "we reaffirm that any libyan citizen should be tried in libya because libya does not extradite its sons." (voice of translator) the administration reacting to the latest developments. harf says: "we consult regularly with the government of lya on a range of security and counter terrorism issues, cer
to her. >>> snapped by u.s. forces this month, he is now in the united states. abu anas al-liby was transferred to new york over the weekend. a special ops team grabbed abu anas al-liby at his home on october 5 and took him to a navy ship for interrogation. she suspected of plotting the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings. facebook is now -- >>> facebook now has an off in israel. they are buying a small start up. the company helps cut data consumption on smartphones. that is important to facebook's goal of getting people connected to the internet for little or no cost. >>> another deadline is looming as the treasury department will need congress to raise the debt ceiling oo avoid -- to avoid a default. what failing failing failing to extend the debt ceiling means to you. >> reporter: when the politicians talk about the debt ceiling, it is like your family budget. if the government can't boreo they -- borrow they wasn't pay their bills. >> i tell my husband if they could learn how to live the way we live we wouldn't have the issue with the debt ceiling. >> reporter: no matter how we
a >> it is october 15th. we are hours away from al qaeda terrorist abu anas al-liby by appeari -- libi appearing befor a judge. >> data selection by the nsa. why the personal information of every person you might have e-mailed may be at risk. >> veterans proving once again why they are heros. taking action today in the fight to the nation's war memorials. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> people like us up and awake on this tuesday morning. tod good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> you are not alone. we are up with you very early on this tuesday. thanks for joining us. a terrorist is expected to be arraigned in court today. abu anas al-lial libi is now on american soil. they planned to interrogate him for weeks. his transfer was sped up he is ill with hepatitis c and needs medical treatment that was not available aboard the ship. the arrest came more than 10 years after he was indicted for the embassy bombings in africa. an explosion at the los angeles international airport. this time
in retaliation for the capture of abu anas al- liby. and the u.s. military said it's moving some 200 marines to a base in italy, just in case. in washington, president obama said the libya raid-- and another in somalia-- does not mean he's expanding the war on terror. >> there's a difference between us going after terrorists who are plotting directly to do damage to the united states and us being involved in wars. but where you've got active plot and active networks, we're going to go after them. >> woodruff: the president did not directly address a question on whether the seizure of al- liby complied with international law. more on all this, later. in egypt, the army chief charged the muslim brotherhood with having threatened violence in a bid to forestall any move against former islamist president mohammed morsi. general abdel-fattah el-sissi led the ouster of morsi last july. he said today morsi should have resigned in the face of sweeping protests against his rule. meanwhile, the death toll from sunday clashes between the army and morsi supporters rose to 57. the turkish government today
and why. most of the speculation centered on abu anas al-libi, who was snatched by u.s. forces from the streets of tripoli last saturday. zidan's opponents claim the libyan government must have had advanced knowledge of the operation, and after the raid secretary of state john kerry was carefully diplomatic on what if anything the libyans knew. >> we consult regularly with the libyan government on a range of counter-terrorism issues but we don't get into the specifics of our communications with the foreign government. >> reporter: since the overthrow of muammar qaddafi two years ago, the militias that rose up against him have not been molded into a unified security force. quite the opposite. they've been separate, often competing armies, representing regional, political, religious, and tribal divisions. the group that abducted the prime minister calls itself the revolutionary operations room. and he may have been freed only when his captors were confronted by another militia. according to the state department, united states personnel in libya were not in any danger due to the kidnap
the capture of terror suspect of abu anas al libi. several groups accused the government of colluding in or allowing the raid. but that was strongly denied. the libyan prime minister is freed after briefly being kidnapped from a hotel. >>> here at home, the u.s. facing its deepening crisis. as the government shutdown enters day number ten. >> there's no compromise in sight. and the price tag of that shutdown is going higher. now costing upwards of $3 billion and counting. but there may be a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel. abc's tahman bradley has the latest from washington. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: diana and john, good morning on this tenth day of the government shutdown. a big meeting between president obama and house republicans. but it's not clear it's going to make a difference. today at the white house, president obama and republican congressional leaders sit down for talks about ending the government shutdown and avoiding default. there are reports house republicans are considering raising the debt ceiling temporarily. but it's not clear what conditions are
to a u.s. commando raid on saturday in which u.s. commandos took in and captured abu a nas al libi. it's a connection to the 1998 bombings of africa in kenya and tanzania. the u.s. embassies there. that was a capture by u.s. commandos by government groups and -- they were not happy that the u.s. invaded their sovereignty. that all said and done, still the details are very murky toos why the prime minister was taken. we're waiting to hear more information on that. this shows the chaos and turmoil that libya has been going through in the last two years since the ousting of then leader, moammar gadhafi. >> it's a fluid situation. thank you very much, atia. >> the edward snowden saga. his father arrived in moscow to visit his son. the first visit between the two since the whistle blower fled the u.s. he has no idea what edward's intentions are. >>> after a nationwide uproar, military death benefits to families of the fallen are restored. but only through the goodness of charity. the fisher house foundation will officially pick up the cost of the payments the government shutdown halted. at
on the run. a special forces team captured abu anas al-libi over the weekend. in libya, in fact. he was on the fbi's "most wanted" list for his alleged role in the 1998 bombings of two american embassies in africa that killed 220 people. libya's government is not pleased with the capture accusing the u.s. of kidnapping al-libi. he is expected to be put on trial in new york. >>> it was a rough weekend for california's online health insurance marketplace. julie watts has been looking into the problems and what's being done to fix them. >>> reporter: >> i like what i see. >> reporter: ricardo says california's online healthcare marketplace doesn't just look better; it feels better. >> it looks more user-friendly. >> reporter: and it should be working better, too. >> the speed is normal now. >> reporter: "covered california" says a 30 hour maintenance this weekend should have addressed many problems users have been complaining about like recurring error messages and slow response times. >> the functionality for most users should be right about where it should be. >> reporter: but even h
wanted terrorists, 49-year-old abu anas al libi. >> this is highly unusual, highly risky but ultimately highly effective. >> reporter: the operation was carried out after months of surveillance, with military precision and great surprise as the wanted terrorist's stunned son recounted to abc news, pointing to his father's car. one broken car window, not a shot fired. >> it's textbook. to move and get him at the precise time his car shows up, pull him out and get out of there without any casualties or any of our own casualties is really the art. >> reporter: tonight al libi is being interrogated on the uss san antonio somewhere in the mediterranean, a potential intelligence gold mine if he talks. he's one of the founding fathers of al qaeda, under indictment for the 1998 deadly bombing of two u.s. embassies that killed 224 people, and an al qaeda computer and communications expert. with al libi's capture, 12 of the 22 top terrorists identified by the u.s. after the 9/11 attacks have been killed or captured. >> of course that means ten are still at large. >> they're interrogating al libi.
will also information about al qaeda. justice correspondent bob orr has the latest. >> abu anas alibi is being held aboard this navy ship in the mediterranean sea. sources say al-libi, who was part of osama bin laden's inner circumstance until the mid-'90s is being trained by a specially trained team of c.i.a. and f.b.i. counterterrorism experts. the so-called high value detainee interrogation group pressing him for intelligence about the al qaeda network and potential attack plans. al-libi, who spent years as a foreign operative for al qaeda, was captured just after dawn saturday on this street back in his homeland of libya. u.s. army delta force commandos suddenly converged in three or four vehicles near al-libi's home in tripoli. his family told reporters the commandos wearing masks surrounded al-libi's car, smashed the windows and whisked him away. al-libi is under indictment in new york, accused of helping to plan the 1998 bombings of u.s. embassies in africa. federal prosecutors say al-libi did surveillance for al qaeda prior to the attacks, taking pictures of potential targets.
including bin laden's successor ayman al zawahiri. ten are in custody. now joining them, abu anas al libi. an arrest 15 years in the making. that was the operation in libya. almost at the same time there was another raid. this one in somalia. that one was targeting al shabaab. that's the terrorist organization that carried out the attack on the nairobi mall in kenya last month. this operation in somalia was even more daring. navy s.e.a.l.s on an attack craft, a small boat did a beach landing under cover of darkness. they had three smaller vessels with them. they got onto the shore. they were approaching the compound of one of al shabaab's leaders. as they set up around the edges there was a man. they didn't know who he was. he was smoking a cigarette. evidently this man saw the navy s.e.a.l.s there, went casually inside pretending nothing was wrong, alerted all of the al shabaab militants who stormed out of the building opening fire, compromising the mission. suddenly, more people started arriving. the s.e.a.l.s decided it was too complicated. they were overwhelmed. there were civilians.
on the twin raids against al qaeda. u.s. marines on alert after the capture of suspected terrorist abu annas al-libi. it's part of a task force that can respond quickly to security incidents in the region. they were formed after the attack last year on the u.s. conciliate in benghazi. he's the 10th suspect in custody for the 1998 bombings of embassies in kenya and tanzania. they'll question him aboard the uss san antonio about his role in the bombings and other plots. one widow says she is relieved the u.s. is still pursuing the suspects. >> it's soothing to know that our government is still after them and methodically and deliberately going after them. >> nbc news learned exclusive details about why u.s. special forces abandoned another raid in somalia. it was focused on the man behind the deadly massacre at the mall in kenya. team six made a landing in darkness and al shabaab was outside smoking a cigarette and noticed them and they found themselves under heavy fire inside. the key target was surrounded by fighters and by children as more reinforcements descended on the house from a nearby
in africa last weekend netted one of the world's most wanted tear rifts, abu anas al libi, an al qaeda ope operative charged in the bombings of kenya and tanzania. he was transferred to a u.s. navy ship for integration. a move criticized by some republicans including south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> in al libi's case, he is on an american warship somewhere in the mediterranean. because the administration refuses to use guantanamo bay. putting him on a navy vessel for a matter of days or weeks is not a proper way to gather intelligence on the wore ar on terror. >> dan, let's go to you first. how big a capture is this? >> i think he's thought of as an enormously important capture. a specialist calls him a jackpot in terms of interrogation possibilities. he even thinks he's more important than the 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed. >> wow. >> that would be a big deal. so theoretically is extremely important for them to interrogate him properly to get the maximum. he was with al qaeda almost from the beginning. he has spent years in iran. he can talk about the connection between
in africa last weekend netted one of the world's most wanted terrorists, abu anas al libi, an al qaeda operative charged in the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania, was captured in libya and transferred to a u.s. navy ship for interrogation, a move criticized by some republicans, including south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> in al libi's case, he's on an american warship because the administration refuses to use guantanamo. putting him on a navy vessel for a matter of days or weeks is not a proper way to gather intelligence on the war on terror. >> wall street journal editorial board joins us. let's go to al libi. how big a capture is this? >> i think he's felt by most specialists as an enormously important capturcapture. some even think he's more important than the 9/11 mastermind, mohammed. >> wow. >> that would be a big deal. theoretically it's extremely important for them to interrogate him properly, he was with al qaeda almost from the beginning. he has spent years in iran. he could talk about the iranians and al qaeda, so this has been an enormously im
is on u.s. soil, abu anas al libi, one of the most wanted men in the world. interrogated on a u.s. warship and on dry land tonight. there is a twist, a life-threatening medical condition. here's abc news chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: tonight under heavy guard and receiving medical care, anas al libi is in new york, transferred from the uss san antonio into the hands of the fbi on saturday. he's expected to be arraigned as early as tomorrow. his dramatic capture just over a week ago by the famed u.s. delta force came more than ten years after he was indicted for the deadly 1998 u.s. embassy bombing. held as a so called enemy combatant on the ship, he did not have to be provided a lawyer. now that his custody has been transferred to the justice department, he has been read his miranda rights, his transfer coming much sooner than expected. senior law enforcement officials telling us that the transfer was sped up due to a serious health condition. a u.s. official confirming reports that al libi has a severe case of hepatitis c which is a viral infection that a
york, in fact. abu anas al libi, who was just snatched up in the special forces raid in tripoli is one of the alleged plotters of the deadly bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa back in '98. he had been on the run ever since. he is expected to appear in federal court tomorrow. >>> well, the following scene took place this weekend on iraqi tv. the man on the right of your screen is a political commentator taking questions from a panel. he is live in damascus, syria, when just behind him a car bomb goes off. he takes a moment, gathers himself before continuing. 27 seconds later on the broadcast, a second massive blast goes off. it was only after that one that he chose to end the interview and sign off from damascus, syria. >>> weather is in the news in this country. after drenching and flooding rains in texas, organizers were forced to cancel the last day of the austin city limits music festival in austin, texas. the main venue at zilker park was flooded and vendor stands collapsed. the rain's also washed away homes in the area and led to evacuatio evacuations. >>> south dakota conti
acusado, nadie respoiÓ. >>> la udad de polÍ especiizada, en casos de abu contra el menor, ahora se encuentra trabajando en el caso piensan qu continÚa el mismo maltra, infantil e esta familia. >>> en new york, fernando camarena telemundo tÁnsuspendidos debido al re parcial del gobieo federal. y las deportaciones continÚan. y tiene a los defensores de los un y muy graninmigrantes furios indignados. los activist entran en acciÓn, con una cpaÑa de desobedienc civil. como nos dice carlos botifoll, quieren convertirse en la piedra dero d zapato del gobierno. >>> actos mas comunes y defiantes, cientos de manifestantes hispanos, con tal de frenar las dertaciones, trataron de impedir las operaciones de las oficinas de inmigraciÓn y aduanas, ice en el corazÓn de phoenix arizona. >>> no solo un Ímbolo, pero es un edicio donde se llevaa cabo las portaciones, y detenciÓn de l gente. >>en algo inesperad est oficina de ice amaneciÓ con puertas cerradas y este cartel en la puta. >>> de todos modos tien gente ahÍ procesando siguiÓ reportando agente. entre los manifestantes estaba... vi
is in new york. abu al liby expected to be arraigned later today. he was brought to the u.s. earlier than expected because he was suffering from a severe case of hepatitis c and needs medical treatment. t >>> the report revealing the nsa collected millions of emails and personal messages looking for terror links. the "washington post" saying the spy agency intercepted hundreds of thousands of e-mail address books every day from private accounts on yahoo!, gmail, facebook, and hotmail. it learned of the activity because of documents leaked by edward snowden. >>> in the philippines, a deadly earthquake striking overnight. the powerful 7.2-magnitude quake collapsed buildings and is responsible for at least 20 deaths. the number is expected to rise. one man captured his chandelier swaying as the quake hit. and a 17th century stone church crumbled to pieces because of all the shaking. luckily today's a national holiday in the philippines. offices and schools were closed. that may lower the casualty numbers. >>> new hope for families of six americans in the men that vanished at sea six months a
] >> jessi, mi amor, te viene a buscar vanessa. >> abue no quiero hablar con ella. >> no, mi amor, mira yo sÉ que tÚ y tu prima se quieren mucho, asÍ que por favor no caigan en lo mismo que tu mamÁ y tu tÍa rocÍo, ¿por quÉ sabes una cosa? aunque no lo creas ellas se llevaban muy bien cuando eran niÑas. >> estÁ bien, dile que pase. >> a ver, un besito a la abuela. pasa, hijita. >> jessi no fue mi intenciÓn hacerte sentir mal, no le hubiera hecho caso a mi mamÁ porque sÉ que te lastime. >> hablas en serio. >> prima, quiero que sepas que te quiero mucho, toma quÉdatelo para siempre. >> gracias, yo tambiÉn te quiero mucho. >> bendito seas, san josÉ. >> ya llegamos, mami, ¿cÓmo estÁs? >> hola, mijita. >> ¿y tÚ quÉ haces aquÍ? ¿viniste a quitarle el resto de las cosas que le habÍa regalado a tu prima o quÉ? >> no, tÍa solo vine a saludarla, pero ya me voy, adiÓs. >> vane espÉrate, mamÁ, vane y yo ya hicimos las pases. >> no, que pases ni que ocho cuartos, que no estÁs viendo cÓmo nos humillan todo el tiempo y tÚ todavÍa le crees, deveras. hija, por favavor no seas t
government is demanding answers calling saturdays capture of a suspected al qaeda operative a kidnapping. abu anas al libi was captured by u.s. forces outside his home on sunday. he's expected to be taken to new york facing charges in a 1998 embassy bombing in kenya and tanzania. his wife says the charges are fabricated claiming he left al qaeda two years and earlier. she admits he was a personal bodyguard for osama bin london the did not take part in any terrorist activities. >> a crane at a manhattan skyscraper is back on the ground after a mechanical failure left it suspended above west 57 street. workers were raising construction materials and an apartment building when the mechanical failure caused it to become jammed. no injuries were reported. >> it would be a thief picked the wrong clerk to mess with. the clerk reached under the counter and pulled out a machete and chased the man from the store. police are looking for the suspect. the store owner says that she brought the machete a month ago after her store was broken into several times. controversy over a hamburger boils over on the
. >>> this morning police need help identifying three suspects who they say robbed a man at abus stop in west baltimore. look at the screen because we will show you. police say this is who they are looking for the three guys in the case. the men used a knife and gun to rob a person so anyone withinformation about the three men is asked to call police as soon as possible. >>> the woman accused ofg two b bernie and trying to hit another is in custody. 47-year-old jamese queen is faces charge sheept targeted the same bink in glen bernie on september 13th and then again on the 28th. she got away with nor than a thousand -- more than a thousand dollars in both cases. >>> a fight over an unpaid bill turned into a stabbing that left two security guards injured at the baltimore comedy factor. kenneth corps and some of his friends were leaving after -corporal were leek after they got into an argument -- were leaving after they got into an argument over an unpaid bill. when he was escorted off he stabbed security officers several times. the security guards are expected to recover and are out of the hos
about the global impacts. >>> u.s. interrogators will question terror suspect abu anas al libi on a warship. he is being held as an enemy combatant. >>> and police in new york city have made another arrest on the case of the road rage where a dozen bikers attacked a suv. >>> rainy along the southeast. warming up across the desert southwest. and snow in the mountains of idaho, montana, as well as wyoming. >>> finally this morning, once in a lifetime experience for a father and a son. they are making their way through the lower 48 states with a unique mission. >> since leaving their home in maine, they made it clear across the country. c >> reporter: pete smith and dave smith know a thing or two about generic names. >> in school, and teachers can't pronounce my name. >> there's 3 million other people with the last name smith in the u.s. but this father/son duo is distinguishing itself through an adventure. 17-year-old dave hasn't always done well in the classroom. so, with his school's permission, dave is learning history and english credits by crisscrossing the country with his
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